QxOrm  1.4.8
C++ Object Relational Mapping library
QxCommon Directory Reference


file  QxAny.h [code]

qx::any : basic implementation of boost::any (written by Kevlin Henney) when boost dependency is not available

file  QxAnyCastDynamic.h [code]

qx::any_cast_dynamic<T>::get() : provides a tool to use qx::any_cast and polymorphism

file  QxBool.h [code]

qx_bool : QxOrm library boolean type with code and description message when an error occured

file  QxCache.h [code]

qx::cache : based on singleton pattern, provide basic thread-safe cache feature to backup and restore any kind of objects (for example, object fetched from database)

file  QxConfig.h [code]

List of parameters to compile and build QxOrm library.

file  QxException.h [code]

Exception with error code and error description.

file  QxExceptionCode.h [code]

Some errors codes defined by QxOrm library.

file  QxHashValue.h [code]

Specialize hash_value function for some Qt and boost types (used for example by qx::QxCollection<Key, Value> container)

file  QxMacro.h [code]

List of common macros used by QxOrm library.

file  QxMainPage.h [code]
file  QxPropertyBag.h [code]

Used by introspection engine (IxClass, IxDataMember, IxFunction, etc.) to add meta-data (property bag)

file  QxSimpleCrypt.h [code]

qx::QxSimpleCrypt : simple encryption and decryption of strings and byte arrays