QxOrm  1.4.8
C++ Object Relational Mapping library
QxValidator Directory Reference


file  IxValidator.h [code]

Common interface for validator engine.

file  IxValidatorX.h [code]

Common interface for a list of validators.

file  QxInvalidValue.h [code]

Invalid value when a property fails to pass a constraint.

file  QxInvalidValueX.h [code]

List of invalid values.

file  QxValidator.h [code]

Concrete class for a custom or recursive validator.

file  QxValidatorError.h [code]

Define a validator error exception (for example, inserting or updating an element into database) and retrieve list of invalid values.

file  QxValidatorFct.h [code]

Implementation of qx::validate<T>() function (validator engine)

file  QxValidatorX.h [code]

Concrete class for a list of validators associated to a type registered into QxOrm context.