QxOrm  1.4.5
C++ Object Relational Mapping library
QxExceptionCode.h File Reference

Some errors codes defined by QxOrm library. More...

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#define QX_ERROR_UNKNOWN   1
#define QX_EXCEPTION_UNKNOWN   qx::exception(QX_ERROR_UNKNOWN, "unknown error")
#define QX_EXCEPTION_SERVICE_NOT_SPECIFIED   qx::exception(QX_ERROR_SERVICE_NOT_SPECIFIED, "[QxOrm] empty service name")
#define QX_EXCEPTION_SERVICE_INVALID   qx::exception(QX_ERROR_SERVICE_INVALID, "[QxOrm] invalid service")
#define QX_EXCEPTION_SERVER_NOT_FOUND   qx::exception(QX_ERROR_SERVER_NOT_FOUND, "[QxOrm] unable to connect to server")
#define QX_EXCEPTION_SERVICE_WRITE_ERROR   qx::exception(QX_ERROR_SERVICE_WRITE_ERROR, "[QxOrm] unable to write request to socket")
#define QX_EXCEPTION_SERVICE_READ_ERROR   qx::exception(QX_ERROR_SERVICE_READ_ERROR, "[QxOrm] unable to read reply from socket")

Detailed Description

Some errors codes defined by QxOrm library.

Lionel Marty

Definition in file QxExceptionCode.h.

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Definition at line 52 of file QxExceptionCode.h.

#define QX_ERROR_UNKNOWN   1

Definition at line 48 of file QxExceptionCode.h.

#define QX_EXCEPTION_SERVER_NOT_FOUND   qx::exception(QX_ERROR_SERVER_NOT_FOUND, "[QxOrm] unable to connect to server")

Definition at line 58 of file QxExceptionCode.h.

#define QX_EXCEPTION_SERVICE_INVALID   qx::exception(QX_ERROR_SERVICE_INVALID, "[QxOrm] invalid service")

Definition at line 57 of file QxExceptionCode.h.

#define QX_EXCEPTION_SERVICE_NOT_SPECIFIED   qx::exception(QX_ERROR_SERVICE_NOT_SPECIFIED, "[QxOrm] empty service name")

Definition at line 56 of file QxExceptionCode.h.

#define QX_EXCEPTION_SERVICE_READ_ERROR   qx::exception(QX_ERROR_SERVICE_READ_ERROR, "[QxOrm] unable to read reply from socket")

Definition at line 60 of file QxExceptionCode.h.

#define QX_EXCEPTION_SERVICE_WRITE_ERROR   qx::exception(QX_ERROR_SERVICE_WRITE_ERROR, "[QxOrm] unable to write request to socket")

Definition at line 59 of file QxExceptionCode.h.

#define QX_EXCEPTION_UNKNOWN   qx::exception(QX_ERROR_UNKNOWN, "unknown error")

Definition at line 55 of file QxExceptionCode.h.