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qx::dao::detail::QxSqlEmbedQuery : SQL element to embed a SQL sub-query inside a parent SQL query More...

#include <QxSqlEmbedQuery.h>

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Public Types

enum  type {
  _none, _in, _not_in, _is_equal_to,

Public Member Functions

 QxSqlEmbedQuery (QxSqlEmbedQuery::type type=QxSqlEmbedQuery::_none)
 QxSqlEmbedQuery (int index, QxSqlEmbedQuery::type type=QxSqlEmbedQuery::_none)
virtual ~QxSqlEmbedQuery ()
void setQuery (const qx::QxSqlQuery &query)
virtual QString toString () const
virtual void resolve (QSqlQuery &query, qx::QxCollection< QString, QVariantList > *pLstExecBatch=NULL) const
virtual void postProcess (QString &sql) const
virtual IxSqlElement::type_class getTypeClass () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual QString getExtraSettings () const
virtual void setExtraSettings (const QString &s)

Private Attributes

< QxSqlEmbedQueryImpl > 
 Private implementation idiom.

Detailed Description

qx::dao::detail::QxSqlEmbedQuery : SQL element to embed a SQL sub-query inside a parent SQL query

Definition at line 60 of file QxSqlEmbedQuery.h.

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Definition at line 65 of file QxSqlEmbedQuery.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

qx::dao::detail::QxSqlEmbedQuery::QxSqlEmbedQuery ( QxSqlEmbedQuery::type  type = QxSqlEmbedQuery::_none)
qx::dao::detail::QxSqlEmbedQuery::QxSqlEmbedQuery ( int  index,
QxSqlEmbedQuery::type  type = QxSqlEmbedQuery::_none 
virtual qx::dao::detail::QxSqlEmbedQuery::~QxSqlEmbedQuery ( ) [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual QString qx::dao::detail::QxSqlEmbedQuery::getExtraSettings ( ) const [protected, virtual]
virtual IxSqlElement::type_class qx::dao::detail::QxSqlEmbedQuery::getTypeClass ( ) const [virtual]
virtual void qx::dao::detail::QxSqlEmbedQuery::postProcess ( QString &  sql) const [virtual]
virtual void qx::dao::detail::QxSqlEmbedQuery::resolve ( QSqlQuery &  query,
qx::QxCollection< QString, QVariantList > *  pLstExecBatch = NULL 
) const [virtual]
virtual void qx::dao::detail::QxSqlEmbedQuery::setExtraSettings ( const QString &  s) [protected, virtual]
void qx::dao::detail::QxSqlEmbedQuery::setQuery ( const qx::QxSqlQuery query)
virtual QString qx::dao::detail::QxSqlEmbedQuery::toString ( ) const [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

std::unique_ptr<QxSqlEmbedQueryImpl> qx::dao::detail::QxSqlEmbedQuery::m_pImpl [private]

Private implementation idiom.

Definition at line 69 of file QxSqlEmbedQuery.h.

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