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qx::service::QxThread : thread to execute a transaction of QxService module More...

#include <QxThread.h>

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void error (const QString &err, qx::service::QxTransaction_ptr transaction)
void transactionStarted (qx::service::QxTransaction_ptr transaction)
void transactionFinished (qx::service::QxTransaction_ptr transaction)
void customRequestHandler (qx::service::QxTransaction_ptr transaction)
void incomingConnection ()
void finished ()

Public Member Functions

 QxThread (QxThreadPool *pool, QThread *thread)
virtual ~QxThread ()
void init ()
void stop ()
void wait ()
bool isAvailable ()
void execute (QX_TYPE_SOCKET_DESC socketDescriptor)

Protected Member Functions

void quit ()
void clearData ()
bool hasBeenStopped ()
void doProcess (QTcpSocket &socket)
bool checkKeepAlive (QTcpSocket &socket)
QX_TYPE_SOCKET_DESC getSocketDescriptor ()
bool checkSocketSSLEncrypted (QTcpSocket *socket)
QSslSocket * initSocketSSL ()

Protected Attributes

QX_TYPE_SOCKET_DESC m_iSocketDescriptor
 Socket descriptor to retrieve 'QTcpSocket'.
 Parent thread pool to set available.
QThread * m_pThread
 Thread where this worker is executed.
QxTransaction_ptr m_pTransaction
 Current service transaction.
bool m_bIsStopped
 Set this flag to 'true' to terminate thread.
bool m_bIsDisconnected
 Socket has been disconnected.
QMutex m_mutex
 Mutex => 'QxThread' is thread-safe.

Private Slots

void onCustomRequestHandler ()
void onIncomingConnection ()
void onSocketDisconnected ()
void onSocketReadyRead ()
void onSocketSSLEncrypted ()
void onSocketSSLErrors (const QList< QSslError > &errors)
void onSocketSSLPeerVerifyError (const QSslError &error)

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

qx::service::QxThread::QxThread ( QxThreadPool pool,
QThread *  thread 
) [inline]

Definition at line 111 of file QxThread.h.

virtual qx::service::QxThread::~QxThread ( ) [inline, virtual]

Definition at line 112 of file QxThread.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool qx::service::QxThread::checkKeepAlive ( QTcpSocket &  socket) [protected]
bool qx::service::QxThread::checkSocketSSLEncrypted ( QTcpSocket *  socket) [protected]
void qx::service::QxThread::clearData ( ) [protected]
void qx::service::QxThread::customRequestHandler ( qx::service::QxTransaction_ptr  transaction) [signal]
void qx::service::QxThread::doProcess ( QTcpSocket &  socket) [protected]
void qx::service::QxThread::error ( const QString &  err,
qx::service::QxTransaction_ptr  transaction 
) [signal]
void qx::service::QxThread::execute ( QX_TYPE_SOCKET_DESC  socketDescriptor)
void qx::service::QxThread::finished ( ) [signal]
QX_TYPE_SOCKET_DESC qx::service::QxThread::getSocketDescriptor ( ) [protected]
bool qx::service::QxThread::hasBeenStopped ( ) [protected]
void qx::service::QxThread::incomingConnection ( ) [signal]
void qx::service::QxThread::init ( )
QSslSocket* qx::service::QxThread::initSocketSSL ( ) [protected]
bool qx::service::QxThread::isAvailable ( )
void qx::service::QxThread::onCustomRequestHandler ( ) [private, slot]
void qx::service::QxThread::onIncomingConnection ( ) [private, slot]
void qx::service::QxThread::onSocketDisconnected ( ) [private, slot]
void qx::service::QxThread::onSocketReadyRead ( ) [private, slot]
void qx::service::QxThread::onSocketSSLEncrypted ( ) [private, slot]
void qx::service::QxThread::onSocketSSLErrors ( const QList< QSslError > &  errors) [private, slot]
void qx::service::QxThread::onSocketSSLPeerVerifyError ( const QSslError &  error) [private, slot]
void qx::service::QxThread::quit ( ) [protected]
void qx::service::QxThread::stop ( )
void qx::service::QxThread::transactionFinished ( qx::service::QxTransaction_ptr  transaction) [signal]
void qx::service::QxThread::transactionStarted ( qx::service::QxTransaction_ptr  transaction) [signal]
void qx::service::QxThread::wait ( )

Member Data Documentation

Socket has been disconnected.

Definition at line 106 of file QxThread.h.

Set this flag to 'true' to terminate thread.

Definition at line 105 of file QxThread.h.

QX_TYPE_SOCKET_DESC qx::service::QxThread::m_iSocketDescriptor [protected]

Socket descriptor to retrieve 'QTcpSocket'.

Definition at line 101 of file QxThread.h.

QMutex qx::service::QxThread::m_mutex [protected]

Mutex => 'QxThread' is thread-safe.

Definition at line 107 of file QxThread.h.

QThread* qx::service::QxThread::m_pThread [protected]

Thread where this worker is executed.

Definition at line 103 of file QxThread.h.

Parent thread pool to set available.

Definition at line 102 of file QxThread.h.

Current service transaction.

Definition at line 104 of file QxThread.h.

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